All your life you have worked hard as a public servant and when it comes time to collect your rightful retirement benefits, you don't expect to encounter difficulty. Unfortunately, however unfair it may seem, access to police and fire pensions and municipal retirement funds (IMRF) is not always straightforward.

In cities throughout Illinois, burdensome processes threaten to keep eligible retired police officers, firefighters and municipal workers from collecting their rightful pensions and retirement benefits. Attorney Barbara J. Bell has focused a significant portion of her law practice on the challenge of helping these retirees cut through the red tape and collect from municipal retirement funds what is rightfully theirs.

Based in Arlington Heights, labor law attorney Barbara J. Bell also offers onsite appointments with clients in offices in Libertyville, Chicago and Palos Heights and other locations statewide.

What Is Standing Between You And Your Police Pension Or Disabled Worker Pension Funds?

Illinois has more local governments than any other state in the union. From one municipality to the next, politics, processes, paperwork and hold-ups differ. Attorney Barbara J. Bell is well acquainted with rules, requirements and pitfalls of each one, no matter where it may be in Illinois. She has experience helping police, fire and other municipal employees overcome denials, delays and excuses when they have sought retirement pension benefits and disability benefits they were entitled to.

You may have arrived at this web page because of red tape that is already threatening your financial security because of police, fire or IMRF pension troubles. Take heart; you have come to the right place. The law firm of Barbara J. Bell, Attorney at Law, is well-equipped to tackle the situation. Your case may be resolved quickly through clarification of details in paperwork. It may be resolved through a hearing or it may have to go all the way to appellate court. Whatever challenges are in your way, you can count on experienced lawyer Barbara Bell to find the right solution and get your retirement funds in your hands where they belong.

Help For Labor Unions

Barbara J. Bell, Attorney at Law, has a strong labor union representation practice, as well. She has represented a small labor union for truck drivers, workers who are vying for bimonthly paychecks instead of monthly ones and other beleaguered labor groups. Whether the unfair labor practices issue is a payroll dispute or a workplace safety problem, Ms. Bell is prepared to fight on your labor union's behalf through:

  • Negotiations

  • Public relations board hearings

  • Labor relations boards in Chicago

  • Arbitration

  • Advocacy before a judge in a circuit court, an appellate court or the state supreme court

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Get your case on the pathway to resolution, whether it is a police pension delay or a labor union negotiation challenge. Barbara J. Bell, employment law attorney, handles many cases of these types on a hybrid pay arrangement, involving a combination of a retainer and a contingency pay-out after a case is successfully resolved. Learn how this law firm can tackle your problem head-on and get results.

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